West India tour, 7 to 12 days (+/-)

A region with a topography that is mostly hilly, interspersed with ravines and valleys. Thick forests cover parts of the region, home of many tribes and also sanctuaries for wildlife. The rich cultural heritage and vibrant lifestyle of people in this region are a few notable attributes that win the heart of tourists from far and wide. Sultans, Mughals, Marathas, brave Warriors all have fought for supremacy in these lands in the past, leaving behind many Forts and Palaces as witnesses of their grandeur. The vast expanse of deserts and architectural structures make this region a must-visit travel destination to experience the medieval royal grandeurs. Magnificent beaches and a pleasure loving population also make this region a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation.

Places covered: Ajanta-Ellora-Rajkot-Junagadh-Sasangir-Veraval-Daman & Diu-Palitana-Bhavnagar-Lothal-Ahmedabad.

This is another set of soft tour being programmed for people in all categories, being organized privately for individuals, couples and small families. Retaining the charm of Private Individual tours, we can also organize this tour for small groups, not more than 8 people. Though there are plenty of options in regard to places of interest to visit in this region, we recommend to cover the most demanding destinations like Ajanta - Ellora - Rajkot - Junagadh - Sasangir - Veraval - Daman and Diu - Palitana - Bhavnagar - Lothal and Ahmedabad.

Main highlights of this tour are Historical Monuments visit, wildlife sanctuary visit, Cultural Activities, Heritage Temples and Palaces, Architectural wonders, Hill stations & Plantations Tour, culture-arts-nature-spiritual theme highlights, beach leisure, local food festivals, etc.. This is an open scheduled tour and dates can be fixed as per the available vacation period of the traveler. Tour is accessible from anywhere in the world. We arrange to fly from your home country to Mumbai and after the tour, the same flight takes you back home. But, there are tourists who like to fly to India in their own national carrier and for such people, we keep this option open.

During the tour, all surface transport will be in private Deluxe comfortable cars (if travelling individually) or in a Mini bus (if travelling in a group of 8 people). We will also provide internal flights and Train Journey if it is mandatory or for the interest of the potential tourists. Normally, accommodations are provided on bed & breakfast basis at clean and comfortable hotels in the middle range. Accommodations at Premium hotels are also processed on demand. All destinations in this tour are located on plain land. Places that are to be covered by surface transport -either by car or mini coach, takes maximum 5 hours and on such days, we provide adequate leisure in the afternoon to keep the tour more relaxing and enjoyable.

The most suitable time to do this tour is from September to March. A special note: it will be raining from July to August and people who love to enjoy Rain in a romantic way can do this tour during the Monsoon period (June to August) as well. Normal local city tours are of 3 hours duration and intercity transfers are performed within 5 hours. Places that are located faraway will be covered by internal flights with prior information to each traveler.

In regard to the cost of this tour, prices are calculated fresh only for actual services required in the package, which helps to eliminate cost of services not required or not interested. We do also have prices in different category depending on the type of services and accommodation selected, which helps to pick a price matching your best interest. With our previous experiences, we have seen that most of the travellers like to lock the price between hundred to two hundred fifty American Dollars per day basis for tours in the middle range. In case you are about to book this tour, send us your mail to : weekswilson@gmail.com and get the latest best offer. In this regard, we salute all senior citizens and offer them discounted prices for this tour with double care. The preview of this tour reads as follows:

On the first day, flight from your home town/country arrives in India at Mumbai International Airport. Upon arrival in Mumbai, Tour Manager from our office meets you, assists you and manage to transfer in a private car to hotel booked in advance. Here, you go through a Traditional Reception Process. Remaining day/ hours will be on leisure. In the evening Mr.Wilson Xavier, director of the company will personally meet you at the hotel and host you a Warm Welcome Dinner. After your pleasant evening with him, stay overnight at the hotel.

On the day second, in the morning, after your leisurely breakfast at the Restaurant, enjoy full day tour of Mumbai for nearly 5 hours with a local guide speaking in your own mother tongue. Visit the historical monuments, temples, parks, museums etc.. The occasion gives you a great opportunity to experience ‘life of Indians’ in the Commercial Capital city of India, being one among the million people including people from different parts of India. After this day long program in Mumbai, return to the hotel for leisure, dinner and overnight stay.

We value your precious time taken to visiting this site, hence we do not prolong narrating further details on the itinerary. Should you need to know remaining part, Please send your request to : ebin.weekstour@gmail.com . This is only a suggested tour. Places in this tour can either be skipped, substituted or added with places of traveler’s choice and number of days can be extended or cut short to personalize the journey more privately. Please contact Mr.Wilson Xavier [ weekswilson@gmail.com ] for further ideas on designing your own private tour in India. Note: In case you need a call back from him for quick answers and information on this tour or any other subject, mention your phone number (and convenient time to call) in your enquiry mail.

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