Hampi-Badami-Pattadakkal tours, 5 days (+/-)

Karnataka, being sixth largest state in India, is the land of gold, silk, sandal, coffee, cardamom, land where the crafted tallest monolithic statue of the world ‘Gomatheswara’ the Jain saint, land of sculpture, historical ruins and monuments. Known as ‘the priceless gifts of indulgent nature', these destinations are a unique blend of a glorious past and a rich present. Situated on the lower west coast of south India, these were formerly known as the ‘Mysore states’. Apart from being the most industrious places in India, it also has the credit of being the fist region to step into the industrial dawn, one among leading states in science and technology. Gorgeous hill resorts, wide sandy beaches, ancient palaces, together with the refreshing climate, makes these destinations a tourists’ delight.

Places covered: Hampi-Badami-Aihole-Pattadakkal.

Another short tour designed and presented for the people in all category, being organized privately for individuals, couples, small families and group of not more than 8 people. This tour could be enjoyed either exclusively or combined with other similar short packages as per the travellers choice. Goa is very close to this tour circuit, hence a marvelous Beach leisure could also be combined with this tour. All places covered in this tour are located on plain land and lies within easily reachable distances of not more than 5 hours by car or bus. All these places are also on the network of Indian Railways, so a beautiful Train journey could also be conveniently programmed connecting one or more places in this tour for those who are interested in Rail tours.

Main highlights of this tour are visits to temples built in ancient architecture style, historical monuments, rock cut temples built in 6th-12th centuries, Jain temples built in brilliant architectural styles, visit of Asia's tallest monolithic statue, visits to local Markets, interaction with local people to experience their daily life etc.. There will also be temple Festivals, local Fairs, cultural and spiritual celebrations, religious processions with local themes highlights etc. in every tour to India, so no need to give it a special mention in this tour as well.

We have no fixed dates or time schedule for operating this tour. Tour dates can be scheduled as per the available vacation of the traveler. Tour is accessible from any part of the globe. Bangaluru (Bangalore) being the gateway, we arrange to fly from your home town to here, and after the tour, the same flight takes you back home.

All surface transport in this tour will be in a private car for individuals and couples or in a bus, if participants are more than 4 people. We will also provide Internal Flights and Train Journey in the itinerary. Accommodations are normally arranged at hotels starting from clean and safe budget hotels to luxurious five star hotels with breakfast based on each traveler’s level of interest. The most suitable time to do this tour is from September to March. A special note: it will be raining from June to August and people who love to enjoy Rain in a romantic way, can do this tour during the Monsoon period as well.

Normally, tour cost is calculated fresh only for actual services required in the package. This helps us to eliminate cost of services not required or not interested. We do also have prices in different category depending on the type of accommodations and services required or interested. So, check with us prior to book this tour and pick your price matching your best interest. Normally, people are interested in picking a price between hundred and hundred fifty American dollars per day basis for tours in the middle range. To know the latest best offer and to exercise your best choice, send your mail to: weekswilson@gmail.com Certainly, we will be at your service to help you picking your right tour price. In this regard, we salute all senior citizens and offer them discounted tour prices for their holidays with double care during the entire period of their visit. The preview of this tour reads as follows:

On the first day of the tour, flight from tourist's home country / town arrives in India at Bangalore International Airport. Upon arrival in Bangalore, Tour Manager from our office meet them at the Airport, assist and manage to transfer in a private car ( for individuals, couples) or in a bus (for group) to hotel booked in advance. From this moment onwards, every tourists visiting India with us literally becomes our Guest. Here, Guest will be given a Traditional Reception. Remaining day/ hours will be on leisure. In the evening, Mr. Wilson Xavier, director of the company or Tour Manager himself will personally meet our Guest at the hotel to host welcome dinner at the Restaurant. After this pleasant evening, stay overnight at the hotel.

We value your precious time taken to visit this site, so we wish to send you a copy of the remaining details of the itinerary to your e-mail address. Please send your request to: ebin.weekstour@gmail.com . This is only a suggested tour for travelling privately. Places in this tour can either be skipped, substituted or added with places of traveler’s choice and number of days can be extended or cut short to personalize the journey more privately. Please contact Mr.Wilson Xavier [ weekswilson@gmail.com ] for further ideas on designing your own private tour in India. Note: In case you need a call back from him for quick answers and information on this tour or any other subject, mention your phone number in your enquiry mail.

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